30 years ago Mt. Helynna erupted devastating the surrounding area. Due to heavy famine and devastation the King of Cascadia (Ludwig Vindelis) blamed the misfortunes of his kingdom on a religious sect known as “The Cult of the Dragon”, claiming their “dark prayers” caused the eruption. Initiating the “Cascadian Crusade/Purge”, in the chaos the Palace caught fire, the King and his family burned alive. With no clear heir, the Castellan (Vitalis Vortigern) declared himself Lord Protector of Cascadia. However, many towns and villages became de-facto independent refusing to acknowledge the authority of the new “Protectorate of Cascadia”.

Now the current Lord Protector (Gildas Vortigern), is raising an army intent on reuniting the surrounding Area, and stamping out any resistance.

In the South 20 years ago in the elven Kingdom of Avalon, King Artoris Delsair was wounded in battle. On his deathbed he ordered the death of his bastard son (Mordred Aes-chy-ne) of the former king. Mordred and his family were murdered. However, Mordred rose again as a powerful Lich and waged war on the trueborn heir to the kingdom, Darroth Delsair, with “Mordred the Falseborn King” being victorious.

The Golden Company is now entangled in a mess of politics after a caravan goes missing.

"In the time after a mountain's blood is spilled, when the sons of Albion would spill their own blood, when a dark star is shattered; the paleblood sun will rise, wary of the 5 eyed flame. Dead men will grieve and a gold man will weep. The forest will bleed, a thorn will bar the path. Metal will soar above the clouds, gold becomes cinder. Bearer of the curse, seek solace. The lover of the one above all, has not forgotten."-Sibylline Scroll of Skyreach

The Protectorate of Cascadia’s (Vindelis) tensions with the Emerald Enclave has escalated to war. Claiming the Emerald Enclave has “breached our sovereign borders by hiring Orc mercenaries to raid Cascadian lands”, the Emerald Enclave officially denies any involvement. The Lord Protector (Gildas Vortigern) of Cascadia has made a formal declaration of war, declaring “We shall defend our borders against all who try to bring fear to our citizens, and we shall defend this land until our dying breath”. In response the Emerald Enclave has launched a preemptive strike, and seized the border-town of Kelso. While in the south the Dukes of Roseburg and Ellensburg plot and scheme.

Age of Cinder